1|1|2004-09-02 17:29:42|nickelsax|Wellcome ALL|
Even before needed we allready have 100+ members to this group
created out of the size restrictions of Yahoo. Well I want to
wellcome all of you here so far, and for all of you authors I want
to say Thankyou for all you have writen, everyone for the support
and thanks you have given to those who give so freely and produce so
much that there has come the need for this place.

Notices will be made when games are added here (thus keep the group
active) but beyonf that keep looking at the main group for the AIF
| 2|2|2004-10-12 19:43:50|nickelsax|NEw Game Uploaded to the AIF Archive|
To make sure Yahoo thinks we are active I wanted to let you all know
a new game has been uploaded to the main aifArchive:

Zara's mansion
An adult interactive fiction game for ADRIFT, written by Xilef.
ver 2.2

I have a feeling that a few games from now this archive will start
to be used, as there is not a whole lot of space over there anymore.

Have A Great day one and all
| 3|3|2004-10-31 09:18:29|nickelsax|New Game: Hell in Highwater|
First Game Posted to this Archive:
Hell in Highwater
| 4|4|2004-11-06 20:08:51|nickelsax|New Uploads:|
Walk Throughs: Turnberry points walkthrough
Games: The Reunion, a Tads 3 work of adult interactive fiction
| 5|5|2004-11-09 02:46:49|Mark|Hell in Highwater|
This is to inform all player that 2 walkthroughs have been dowloaded
in the walkthrough section.

The first writen by J Arthur

The second writen by markaedw69
| 6|6|2005-01-03 17:50:58|BBBen? Yes!|New Game: Crossworlds 3|
Crossworlds Part 3 is now available in the Adrift Games folder in the
files section.

| 7|7|2005-01-06 16:19:31|BBBen? Yes!|New Uploads: Walkthroughs for CW1&2|
Walkthroughs for Crossworlds Part 1 and Part 2 are now available in
the "Walkthroughs" folder in the "files" section.

| 8|8|2005-01-06 16:40:32|faraday00|Walkthrough for Crossworlds 3|
Just to let you know I've posted a walkthrough for Crossworlds 3.

| 9|9|2005-01-17 01:38:38|captain_cranky_pants2000|New game uploaded to AIF archive 2: Dead or Alive Xtreme beach Sex!|
I've just uploaded an adventure I've written called Dead or Alive
Xtreme Beach Sex! to the AIF archive 2.

It's based on the characters from the X-box game Dead or Alive
Xtreme Beach Volleyball (do you see what I did with the title
there?) from Tecmo. Check out
http://www.tecmogames.com/games/doax.asp if you don't know what I'm
talking about.

It's a pretty straightforward adventure with a few puzzles to break
up the sex scenes. There are 8 characters to have sex with in the

This is my first released adventure but don't panic too much, it's
been tested and tweaked for a while now. Plus I'm at least vaguely
able to string a sentence together so there shouldn't be too many
speelong mistaks.

Any feedback on the game would be appreciated. I'm interested in
writing some more based on game characters so if you have any
suggestions for games / characters / situations to include let me

Have fun!
Captain Cranky Pants 2000.

| 10|10|2005-01-19 04:51:40|j_freebase|AIF Tools Uploaded|
I have just uploaded a zipped executable created in TADS3, AIF Tools.
This is not a game, isn't really erotic in the slightest, and of is
no interest to anyone not starved for inspiration for an AIF game. It
will NOT write a game for you, so unless you ALREADY have the
commitment and talant to make a game it won't do you any good anyway.
| 11|11|2005-02-04 03:08:55|tanya_7884|Cabin Walkthrough|
Uploaded walkthrough for The Cabin in the walkthrough section
| 12|12|2005-02-04 03:09:01|Mark|Ginger's island|
I put a solution list here,
| 13|13|2005-02-06 03:47:27|gsharlak|OM&M: Abduction Walkthrough|
Upped the walkthrough (with full points list) for OM&M: Abduction.
| 14|14|2005-02-14 17:50:56|rjschwabe|TNC Walkthrough|
Hi there everyone,

I posted the walkthrough for Tomorrow Never Comes on the aifarchive2


It's been fairly tested, but I certainly don't believe it to be
perfect. If you see any additions or corrections, please let me
know, and I'll be happy to make them.

Thanks again to Abomire for making a great game.


| 15|15|2005-04-14 03:59:58|tanya_7884|Walkthrough for Choices|
Just to let you ppl know, I have uploaded a walkthrough for Choices in
the Walkthrough section
| 16|16|2005-05-25 17:00:52|pierre_dra|Weekend|
I have just posted my game Weeknd, a kind of prequel to Cruise

| 17|17|2005-06-01 15:28:33|des_e_derius|Escape Pod Solution|

I've upload the complete points list for Escape Pod. You'll find it
(unsurprisingly) in the walkthrough section. Thanks to XavierHawkUK
for giving me the last 12 points.

| 18|18|2005-08-01 01:31:22|captain_cranky_pants2000|New Adrift 4 adventure added.|
Hi folks, I've just uploaded my new AIF for Adrift 4.

The adventure is based on the X-Men and is much larger and more
detailed than my last game (Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Sex!).

Be warned, the file is quite large (2.3MB) as it contains almost 30
pictures. Also, I play AIF for the sex scenes so that's the main
focus of this adventure. The puzzles and plot are there to set the
scene and provide a structure but the main appeal has to be the sex.

If anyone has any comments, good or bad, I'd like to hear them.

Captain Cranky Pants.
| 19|19|2005-08-09 20:35:43|xavierhawkuk|X-men Institute Walkthrough|
I've just uploaded a walkthrough to the Aif Archive 2
| 20|20|2005-11-13 09:27:40|des_e_derius|Escape Pod|
The Escape Pod solution has been udpated with a couple of the extra
things I (finally) remembered to include.
| 21|21|2005-11-28 07:49:53|Jos Mous|New Game: Notice Me|
I just uploaded my latest very short game. Called 'Notice Me', you can
find it in the ADRIFT folder in the Files section.

| 22|22|2006-01-06 04:59:12|Cliff|Drone Academy|
The Drone Academy is my first game, and it's not horribly long (I'm
not completely finished with it, but I have finally completed it to a
playable stage). You play a vigilante teen in the future who accepts
a place in the government's most advanced military academy in lieu of
being put into cryogenic imprisonment for crimes against the state.
You are rough around the edges, and for some reason getting in trouble
is the only thing you're good at. The only solace in this world that
you aspire to is the day that you find out what your roommate is
hiding in her wardrobe and expose her as being human just like the
rest of us...this game shouldn't have too many bugs, I've been play
testing it for three days, and forced several of my friends to sit
down and play the game. There may be a couple of typos that I just
now remembered. One last word of caution...if you find yourself in a
cell with a spoon, really think it over before you start trying to dig
| 23|23|2006-01-27 01:33:04|girion_voeros|Falcon:Mean Streets|
New author, new game!

Hi! I've just uploaded my first released game, Falcon:Mean Streets, to

Alternatively you can download it from my website:


There are two versions, one large, one small. The large one has
some 'title
music' included in the game (for HTML-TADS). If you only have a dial-
connection, you can download the smaller version.

There's a falcon_readme.txt file which tells you more about the game,
but in brief it's a TADS 2 game in a slightly futuristic setting. It's
an AIF game (obviously!) but the sex in it is fairly 'tame' compared
to a lot of other games. Still, I'm hoping people will enjoy it.

Now excuse me while I go and ponder the irony of warning people that
a game *doesn't* contain XXX-rated sex...

-- Girion
| 25|25|2006-03-12 02:23:36|steel_mamba|New Game|
Uploaded a new game.
It's called Vengance, it might be a bit rough for the taste of some.
First attempt at AIF so it's a very simple game and no where near as
fancy as most.

| 26|26|2006-03-12 02:46:47|nickelsax|Magpie New Game by Lucilla Frost|
Magpie can be found in the Tads dirrectory.
(Author's announcment was not posted due to moderater error, the
moderator appologizes greatly)
| 27|27|2006-03-16 02:51:24|Scott Fareson|New Game: Folly of the GameMaster uploaded to Adrift on aifarchive2|
I have uploaded my first attempt at an AIF game to the archive2 group.  Please let me know how you like it and what videogame characters you would like to see in the full version of the game.  I did not have any beta-testers so if there are errors please let me know and I will attempt to fix them.  You can email me at night_owl_60010@....

Folly of the GameMaster is a videogame/superhero AIF and the full version will take place across across multiple game universes.  The prologue takes place in the game world of resident evil.

This one is a little more serious than the future chapters.  One of the future chapter I am working on will pay tribute to Al Lowe and will be completely looney.


Yahoo! Mail
Bring photos to life! New PhotoMail makes sharing a breeze.
| 28|25|2006-04-28 07:32:53|blue_meanie53|New Game|
I just uploaded my latest game, Paradise Hotel, written for Adrift
4.0, I hope it's enjoyable.
| 29|29|2006-05-09 22:32:37|goblinboy2|New Game! Gifts of Phallius 1: The Baron's Plot|
Hi all,

I have just uploaded my new game, Gifts of Phallius 1: The Baron's
Plot. It's my first released game, so be gentle :)

You can find it, of course, over in the aifarchive2 group. It's a
Tads2 game.


| 30|30|2006-06-19 07:45:30|richard_deckmaster|Be the new Superstud|
Ever wanted to be a Superstud? Then you can try the new game I have
uploaded and see how many of the 7 exchange students you are able to
get in bed. I hope you enjoy the game.
| 31|31|2006-07-19 18:01:45|silav2003|Walkthroughs added for Moist and GNA|
Couldn't find these, so I added them to The AIF Archive 2, in the
Walkthrough section.
| 32|32|2006-08-14 16:38:08|goblinboy2|New Game: The Camping Trip|
Hi all,

I have just uploaded my new game, The Camping Trip!

I started it over a year ago, wrote The Baron's Plot in the meantime,
and then came back and finished it. Tested it to hell (thanks, Beta
Testers!), added more stuff, tested it some more, etc etc.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.


PS - the sequel to The Baron's Plot is well on its way! I'm on Chapter
9 of 10. Then lots of testing...
| 33|33|2006-09-28 13:29:51|BBBen? Yes!|Crossworlds Part 0 - The Girl Next Door|
I've lost count of the amount of times I've said that this is the
"final" update of "The Sleep Over" and "Janey's Diary". I've done
multiple versions, including a "gold" edition of each. Well, I am
releasing a NEW version of both games, combined into one and with
significant new content, called "Crossworlds Part 0 - The Girl Next Door".

It's available at the AIF Archive 2, at AIFGames.com and also at my
own website: http://bbben.aifcommunity.org/

By way of explanation, I got to thinking that "Janey's Diary" never
stood up all that well by itself; it was intended as sort of an
'expansion' to "The Sleep Over". Therefore, I thought it would be
interesting to put the two games together. I also thought it would be
fun to explore a bit of the back-story that had been hinted at before,
but was never playable. Thirdly I realised that I was very lazy in
design when I started out, and so the games lacked completeness, so
I've given the whole thing a significant technical overhaul and also
added some extra sex to the existing sex scenes. All this new content
is much more significant than my previous "new content" re-releases,
since there is actually an entirely new sex scene as well as a number
of new options in the existing ones.

So, if you've played "The Sleep Over" and "Janey's Diary" before then
hopefully you'll appreciate the new content, and if you haven't played
them then this is a format in which I'm less ashamed to present them.
"Crossworlds Part 0 - The Girl Next Door" doesn't really change
anything plot-wise (I'm not getting revisionist like George Lucas with
the old Star Wars movies) but simply offers a little bit more, which I
hope should give the games better structure and detail. This is an
introduction to the Crossworlds characters that I can now endorse as a
proper chapter of the series.

By the way, I'm withdrawing "The Sleep Over" and "Janey's Diary" since
they are now redundant.

| 34|34|2006-10-20 18:33:13|A. Ninny|"Malaise" updated|
I have updated "Malaise" to version 1.1, correcting several bugs. The
current version can now be downloaded from all the usual locations.

"Malaise" is a sequel to Scarlet Herring's classic AIF "Moist".
| 35|35|2006-10-20 18:38:42|captianfiji|Malaise posted on aifarchive2|
Hey everyone! I had posted Malaise to this archive, but then removed
it by request of the author (A.Ninny) in anticipation of him posting
an updated version. This is better overall because it will allow
A.Ninny to manage the game himself as any other changes and such come

~The Captain
| 36|36|2006-10-22 14:19:23|Reluctant Sire|New Mini-Game: Good Neighbor|

Just uploaded my first game, Good Neighbor (v1.0) to aifarchive2: TADS 3 Games section.

It was supposed to be a submission for the Minicomp earlier this year, but it ended up taking a little bit longer. ;) It's very quick and short, more proof of concept than anything else.

Hope you enjoy.

| 37|37|2006-10-24 14:12:02|Alessandro Vigano'|Malaise walkthrough|
At first I was disppointed by the use of languge in Malaise. Too many
times words given in relevant descriptions and even in hints
were "unknown" to the program. This, to me, is misleading rather than
helpfull, becuse it takes attention away from the plot to focus it on
a useless "guess the word game." I still think so. Fortunatly Moist
hint system is pretty good and, though time consuming, is quite
effective. I therefore posted a walkthrough that should allow many to
better enjoy the game and the characters.
Be pityfull! English is not my language and I've never been in an
English speaking country for more than a fortnight, so you can be sure
I'll never write an IF game.
| 38|38|2006-10-26 14:00:17|goblinboy2|Gifts of Phallius 2: Key to Eternity released!|
Hi everyone!

After much work and much beta testing, I am finally releasing Gifts of
Phallius 2: Key to Eternity into the wild. It is the sequel to The
Baron's Plot. You don't have to play that first, but why wouldn't
you?? Go and play it right now! Both can be found in the aifarchive2.
And probably other places, soon.

This is a very large game, so is bound to still contain some errors.
Hopefully these are only minor, but please let me know if you spot any!

Thanks to my beta tester, A.Ninny, A.Bomire, Scott Carlisle, Richard
Gillingham and Philip Croucher Croucher. They all put in a lot of work
to make that game vastly better.

Enjoy! And feel free to email me any constructive comments,
criticisms, suggestions, praise etc.


| 39|39|2006-10-31 03:32:14|Layton Carr|Ron Weasley released|
After a lot of beta testng it has been released. Ron Weasley and the
Quest for Hermione. I hope you all enjoy.
| 40|40|2006-11-05 23:51:32|cpnmidnite|Collision ... In Space!|
Just thought I would upload a quick, simple little game I wrote in
Inform ... source code included for those who are interested. Bug
reports welcome. Thanks!

Captain Midnight
| 41|41|2006-11-20 19:18:16|goblinboy2|Age revised Baron's Plot & Camping Trip|
Due to the recent discussions about age of characters in AIF, I have
replaced the versions of The Baron's Plot and The Camping Trip in the
aifarchive2. These new versions fix a few bugs, and also remove
references to characters you interact with being underage. Age is now
either 18+ or not mentioned.

Key To Eternity will follow soon.


| 42|42|2007-01-02 22:54:12|markisdivine|Bareback Mountain Uploaded|
I have just uploaded Bareback Mountain, a story of man on man love in
the wild west, in the Inform folder. It is a short game, minicomp
style, and is my first effort, so please be gentle(You don't hear me
saying that very often).
| 43|43|2007-02-03 15:07:12|BBBen? Yes!|Crossworlds Part 4: Scream For Me!|
I have uploaded my latest game, the final part of the Crossworlds
series - Crossworlds Part 4: Scream For Me - to the files section of
this archive, to the AIFGames.com, and to my website. This comes more
three years since I began the series, and more than two years since
part 3, sorry for the delay. Still, better late than never, and I hope
everyone enjoys it.
| 45|45|2010-01-24 15:17:14|BBBen|Keeping the archive alive|
Hey there, I'm just posting this message to make sure the group stays alive, since we ARE still using it as an archive.

Remember, whenever you post anything here you SHOULD post a notification message as well. It's only normal chat that we send exclusively over to the AIFArchive 1. Uploading notices can be double-posted.
| 46|46|2010-05-19 02:58:20|Lucilla|British Fox update|
Hmph. Should never post anything until everyone who might play it has had a chance to test it. So I've fixed a couple tiny bugs and am reposting.