The Missing 6809 UniFLEX Archive

UniFLEX'09 for SWTP & Gimix - Plus ALL Products Ever Developed!

The UniFLEX'09 Archive represents ALL known products that were developed / or adapted by Technical Systems Consultants, Inc. (TSC), from late in 1979 through to 1989 when, at that time, the Company and UniFLEX O/S were sold to an "investor." The 6809 versions were NOT part of that fateful episode - so, they were put away in a storage room and eventually lost.

The "Missing Archives" turned up unexpectedly a few years ago on two QIC-24 tapes! They were examined and found to contain a virtual Gold Mine of goodies from that bygone era when hobbyists (not Billionaires) ruled the micro-computer world !!

It is recommended that you first download the "Archive_Name.index" in order to better determine what you really need. (This saves time and bandwidth.)

Each product file is actually a Compressed - 'tar' archive with a ".Z" extension. The format is fully understood by WinZIP 6.0a or higher. You should be using WinZIP 6.0a (or better) in order to properly de-compress & de-tar these files.

This Archive will NOT be available indefinitely.
The contents of these files "were, at one time" Copyrighted by Technical Systems Consultants, Inc. They have long ago gone out of business. Reasonable attempts have been made to contact the authors, but with no success.

UniFLEX Text Editors
LineEditor files LineEditor.tar.Z USEditor files USEditor.tar.Z
Standard Utilities
UniFLEX Std.Utils1 files StdUtils1.tar.Z Diskrepair files Diskrepair.tar.Z
UniFLEX Std.Utils2 files StdUtils2.tar.Z
UniFLEX Std.Utils3 files StdUtils3.tar.Z
Extended Utilities
UniFLEX UtilsPkgI files UtilsPkgI.tar.Z
UniFLEX UtilsPkgII files UtilsPkgII.tar.Z
Miscelaneous files Miscelaneous.tar.Z
System Accounting Pkg files SysAcctPkg.tar.Z
Languages & Toolkits
C-Compiler files C-Compiler.tar.Z
Cobol-Compiler files Cobol-Compiler.tar.Z Cobol-I/O files Cobol-IO.tar.Z
FORTRAN-77 files FORTRAN-77.tar.Z
Pascal-Compiler files Pascal-Compiler.tar.Z
SortMerge files SortMerge.tar.Z
UniFLEX_VSAM Pkg files UniFLEX_VSAM.tar.Z
Relocating Assembler files RelAsmb.tar.Z
LibraryGen files Lib-Gen.tar.Z
Link Editor filesx Link-Edit.tar.Z
Communications / Drivers
Communications Stuff CommStuff.tar.Z Terminals defs Terminals.tar.Z
Products Documentation ( All of them! )
Documents List Documents.tar.Z UniFLEX Internal Docs UniFLEX_Docs.tar.Z
FLEX'09 for UniFLEX
FLEX'09 for UniFLEX files FLEX-4-UniFLEX.tar.Z
Here it is......The UniFLEX O/S for 6809
UniFLEX Common files UniFLEX_Common.tar.Z UniFLEX Structures list UniFLEX_Structures.tar.Z
UniFLEX Core files UniFLEX_Core.tar.Z UniFLEX Kernel files UniFLEX_Kernel.tar.Z
Special SWTP Kernel Support
Files FromSWTPc UniFLEX_FromSWTPc.tar.Z
Gimix Systems Versions
UniFLEX_GMX.01 files UniFLEX_GMX.01.tar.Z
UniFLEX_GMX.02 files UniFLEX_GMX.02.tar.Z
UniFLEX_GMX.03 files UniFLEX_GMX.03.tar.Z
SWTPc Versions
UniFLEX_SWTP.01 files UniFLEX_SWTP.01.tar.Z
UniFLEX_SWTP.02 files UniFLEX_SWTP.02.tar.Z
UniFLEX_SWTP.03 filesx UniFLEX_SWTP.03.tar.Z
UniFLEX_SWTP.04.index UniFLEX_SWTP.04.tar.Z
UniFLEX_SWTP.05 files UniFLEX_SWTP.05.tar.Z
UniFLEX_SWTP.s12 files UniFLEX_SWTP.s12.tar.Z
UniFLEX_SWTP.s13 files UniFLEX_SWTP.s13.tar.Z

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