Mainly Neat Stuff: Obscure Apple computer hardware and software

Vintage Networking

Vintage Macintosh Networking

Old Macintosh Networking Primer describes the components that make up an ethernet network and some TCP/IP basics.

Old Macintosh System Software and TCP/IP describes what software you need to install to use TCP/IP on a Mac. The guide covers System 6 through to Mac OS 9.x. It includes specific information on configuring MacTCP.

Sharing Your Internet Connection with an Older Mac describes how you might access the internet using your existing dial-up or broadband connection.

Internet Access with System 6 -- The simplest and most comprehensive guide to getting a System 6 Mac onto the internet using a dial up connection, MacTCP and MacPPP.

Using a Shared OS X Printer -- How to configure Mac OS X to share a modern USB printer for use by older Macs running System 6 onwards.

TCP/IP on the Mac 512K -- How to run a TCP/IP stack and Telnet client on a standard Mac 512K.

LocalTalk Networking with the Apple II and PC

LocalTalk networking is built into all vintage Macs and the Apple IIgs so it is a cheap solution for sharing files and printing. With the right (second hand) hardware you can also add your Apple IIe or a PC. These pages outline what software and hardware is available for sharing files with your old Apple computers.

LocalTalk Networking Overview -- an introduction to LocalTalk, AppleTalk and AppleShare.

LocalTalk Hardware Essentials -- the bits and bobs required to network different systems. Some information is given on hardware bridges to join Ethernet and LocalTalk networks.

PC LocalTalk Cards -- you can't connect to a LocalTalk network through a standard PC serial port. This link contains descriptions of some dedicated expansion cards for the IBM PC.

Software for Apple Computers -- client and server for Mac, client for Apple II, third party products such as TOPS.

Networking the IIe -- how to install the Apple IIe Workstation Card client software.

Booting the IIgs from an AppleShare Server

AppleShare clients for PCs -- software for accessing resources on Mac servers. Also discusses some products that allow peer-to-peer sharing from a PC to a Mac.

AppleShare servers for PCs -- dedicated PC server software, such as NetWare or NT. Some products are able to act as software bridges to join Ethernet and LocalTalk networks.

Software for Linux and other systems -- Linux, VAX, and Unix options. Still under development.

Client Compatibility Chart -- AppleShare client and server combinations that have been tested.

Other AppleShare and LocalTalk resources -- links to other useful sites and software.

TOPS Brochure -- a brochure by Sun Microsystems.

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