Mainly Neat Stuff: Obscure Apple computer hardware and software

Mainly Neat Stuff

The emphasis of these pages will be the more interesting obscure Apple hardware and software plus manuals and marketing materials. There are loads of computer museums on the web with pictures and technical descriptions of the most popular systems. I'm not going to repeat that information although I will provide suitable links whenever possible.

Some pages contain large images which will take a lot of time to download. <ALT> tags or descriptive text are provided for all graphics, however, and these pages can be browsed with images turned off or from a text browser. OK, I forget sometimes about the <ALT> tags, so bear with me while I sort out these pages.

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Apple II and Apple III (link to index page)

8 bit Apple II Expansion

Apple IIe Clamp Documentation

ITT 2020 (Europlus clone)

Apple II "Red Book"

Apple Floppy Drives (all external drives)

Apple III Description

1991-92 Sun Remarketing Catalogue

Quark Catalyst User's Manual (Apple III)

Apple IIe Card for the Macintosh LC Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Marketing Materials (link to index page)

"Add to your Apple" (catalogue)

Apple Carrier Bag

Apple Logo Stickers

Apple Window Banner (from Apple Dealer)

Vintage Macintosh (link to index page)

Dayna MacCharlie

The Ugly Mac 128

20 Ways to Misuse an Orange386 NuBus PC Card

Notes on the Hard Disk 20 (HD20)

Dove MacSnap Expansion

Vintage Radius Documents (old Radius web site)

Original Mac 128 M0001 Packaging

Douglas Adams's Mac IIfx

Hacking the Pippin

Apple Floppy Drives (all external drives)

400KB Floppy Drive Maintenance

400KB Drive Comparison

Bumper List of Apple Part Numbers

Apple IIe Card for the Macintosh LC Frequently Asked Questions

Orange Micro Documents (old Orange Micro web site)

Mac OS X Logo Previsited

Unboxing a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM)

New Look at Zip Drives on the Plus

Unboxing a Mac Classic (new 14 October 2008)

Vintage Mac Book Reviews

"Build Your Own Macintosh and Save a Bundle" (Review)

"Fix Your Own Mac: Upgrading & Troubleshooting" (Review)

"The Power User's Manual" (Review)

Vintage Networking (link to index page)

Old Macintosh Networking Primer

Old Macintosh System Software and TCP/IP

Sharing Your Internet Connection with an Older Mac

Internet Access with System 6

Using a Shared OS X Printer

TCP/IP on the Mac 512K

LocalTalk Networking with the Apple II and PC

TOPS Brochure (new 23 June 2008)

Resources (link to index page)

Dayna MacCharlie manual and software

Orange386 support documentation

Technical support for Radius products (including SuperMac and E-Machines)

Using the Hard Disk 20

Running Mac OS on the Pippin (Bandai Atmark and Atworld)

Bumper List of Apple Part Numbers

Vintage Macintosh Networking

Repairing Broken Keycaps

Schematic for a composite video adapter for the compact Mac

Cleaning a 400KB floppy drive

Technical support for Orange Micro products including OrangePC DOS/Windows cards

A Selection of Manuals -- these manuals are not found elsewhere (Updated 14 October 2008)

Miscellaneous (link to index page)

Repairing Broken Keycaps

Sony Series 35 Model 10

My Wish list

I'm always interested in unusual Apple software and hardware, particularly third party add ons. For the Macintosh I work with a ten year cut off date so I'm mainly interested in stuff upto and including the Mac IIci and SE/30 (which are still very useful computers if you use the right software). I trust that the summary of my wish list gives a flavour of what interests me:

An original Apple ][ (not IIe or Europlus)
Second Sight card for the IIgs
Apple III manuals
Apple Lisa 2 spares, manuals and software
Apple Lisa 1 spares and software
SE/30 PDS cards (including video and ethernet)
Radius (or other) video expansion for the Mac 128/512/Plus
Third party add-ons for the Mac 128/512
Neotech SCSI image grabber (hardware and software)
Unusual NuBus cards (not video or ethernet)
Manuals for NuBus and SE or SE/30 PDS cards
TOPS network software and hardware
Pre-System 6 network software

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