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Vintage Radius Documents

The documents linked below were extracted from the Wayback Archive's copy of the now defunct web site. The indexes and Q&A documents are from 1997 or 1998 copies of the site. Shortly after this time, these documents were withdrawn and support for legacy products was transferred to which is also now defunct.

Radius Index Documents 

These indexes are straight copies of the original pages on the Radius web site. Links on the index pages will try to locate documents on the Radius web site which no longer exists. I believe I have made a copy of most documents in the Wayback Archive. If you are unable to find a document on this site, try copying the URL from the index page and search for the original at Wayback.

Support Index <-- all links on this page are broken ;-( but at least you can see which documents might be available at Wayback.

Cables Index <-- some documents at Wayback contain pinouts for proprietary Radius cables

Card Index

Accelerators Index

Radius Monitors

Reconstructed Cable Pinout Pages

590-0029 DB-15 to HD-15. For most monochrome and Color Pivots, IntelliColor Display/20, and TPD/gs series

590-0058 DB-15 to 3 BNC for hi-res colour display

590-0205 DB-15 to 5 BNC.For model 0460 PrecisionColor Display/17. Can be used to drive 2 page color displays with the 515-0181 adapter.

590-0040 Another DB-15 to 3 BNC Radius cable. Does not incorporate any cable sense codes.

590-0057 Cable that ships with Monochrome TPD's from Radius

590-0210 This is the cable shipping with the model 0461 IntelliColor Display/20e

PrecisionView 17 Cable HD-15 captive cable built into the back of the RD1705. Requires an adapter to run from Mac built-in video.

STD3555 DB-15 to 3 BNC SuperMac cable. Does not incorporate any cable sense codes.

0009738-0001 DB-15 to 13W3 connector for PressView 21*T and 21*T XL.

Radius Q&A Documents 

Some documents have been slightly edited to correct obvious typographical and HTML coding errors. The documents stil contain lots of HTML errors but display acceptably in most web browsers. Technical content has not been modified. Note that some issues discussed in these documents may have been corrected in later versions of the Radius drivers. Where dates appear on pages, this indicates when the information was last updated, not when it was collected by Wayback.

Accelerators and Mac Systems

Mac Plus-SE Accelerators Q&A

#3620 Radius Rockets Q&A

Radius 81/110 Q&A

System 100 (#STP011-STP011Z) Q&A

Dispays and Display Cards

Full Page Displays 64-68Hz Q&A

Full-Page Display 75Hz (0311-0362-0424)

Two Page Displays (0436-0437) & Cards Q&A

Two Page Displays (models 0030-0171-0217-0218-0357-0282-0283) & Cards Q&A

Monochrome Pivot (#0194) Q&A

Monochrome Pivots (#0276-0361-0425) Q&A

Q&A #3120 PrecisionColor Pivot (#0356) Q&A

Color Pivot-LE (#0379) Q&A

Color Pivots (#0277-0233) Q&A

#7120 Ultura LX Q&A

Futura SX, LX, MX, DoubleColor LX, SX, ColorLink SX-T, SX-2 & DC-T Q&A

SuperView Q&A

PowerView Q&A

All Non-IntelliColor, non-PressView Radius Displays Q&A

SuperMac Displays Q&A

SuperMac Thunder-24 & Thunder II Cards Q&A

DirectColor GS/C Q&A

Spectrum Graphic Cards Q&A

Thunder IV GX Cards Q&A

Radius IntelliColor Displays Q&A

Radius Tempest Question and Answer

Radius Thunder PCI Questions and Answers

Precision Color PCI


PrecisionColor PCI Cards Q&A

PressView 21 & PressView 21T Q&A

#7220 E-Machines T16IIMR Display (Model #1108-DT16MR) Q&A

#7224 E-Machines T20 Display (Model #EMD01T20) Q&A

E-Machines E20 Display (Model #EMD01E20) Q&A

E-Machines EtherDock Q&A

E-Machines Futura II LX and Futura II SX Q&A (with DSP)

E-Machines Futura II LX-DSP and Futura II SX-DSP Q&A (without DSP)

E-Machines Presentor Q&A

Video Products

#3560 Telecast Q&A

#7280 Simply TV Q&A

#3582 QuickFLIX! Q&A

#3590 RadiusTV Q&A

#5340 VideoSpigot Q&A

#5380 Spigot II Tape Q&A

All Spigots Q&A

#5320 DigitalFilm Q&A

Cinepak Q&A

SpigotPower AV Q&A

Studio Array Q&A

VideoFusion Q&A

VideoVision Questions and Answers

DOS on Mac Cards

Common Questions & Answers for DOS on Mac LC Cards

Common Questions & Answers for DOS on Mac PCI Cards

Common Questions & Answers for DOS on Mac PDS Cards

Professional Graphics Products

#3640 PhotoBooster & PhotoEngine Q&A

#5120 ThunderStorm, Thunder II, and all DSP-based Image Processing Accelerators Q&A

#5420 SuperMatch ProofPositive Printers Q&A

ColorMatch 2.0 Installation

Using ColorMatch with Photoshop

SuperMatch Calibrator & Calibrator Pro Q&A

PrecisionColor Calibrator Q&A

PC Products

#3740 MultiView-24 for PC Q&A

#3720 Full Page Pivot & SVGA MultiView for PC Q&A

#3760 XGA-2 for PC Q&A

#5520 Thunder & Spectrum Cards for Windows™ Q&A

Two-Page Display for PC Q&A

Other Useful Links

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Introduction to Mac video connectors and sense data: (link now broken)

Advanced info on Mac video sense data:

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